Boston Square Church

A passionate community
experiencing spiritual transformation
for building the kingdom of God

Worship at Boston Square Church

We seek first and foremost to glorify God through our communal worship together. We value worship that:

  • Praises God

  • Opens us to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit

  • Encourages the full participation of the entire congregation

  • Remains fresh, yet familiar – not afraid to try new things yet still thoughtful and purposeful

  • Includes strong Biblical preaching

  • Reflects God’s concern for justice

  • Enables us to care for each other

  • Allows an expression of a full range of emotion

  • Facilitates encountering the living God


If you come to Boston Square on a Sunday morning, you are likely to hear everything from the inspiring sounds of classical pianist Eun Lee to the bluegrass rhythms of our Gospel Band.


We open our worship with a number of songs of praise, before entering into a time of confession celebrating God’s faithfulness to us even through our broken lives. Our worship also includes liturgy appropriate for the season of the church year. We spend time in prayer, read from Scripture, and hear God’s Word for us today. We close by celebrating communion and then receiving God's words of peace to carry us through the week.

Celebrations and Sacraments

We celebrate communion together each week to receive grace from God, to be nourished in our souls by Jesus Christ, to remember that our sins are indeed forgiven, to look ahead to the future wedding feast when Christ returns, to celebrate our unity in Christ and to grow in community together. All who are truly sorry for their sins, who believe in Jesus Christ alone as their Savior, and who desire to live in obedience to him are welcome to take part. Gluten-free bread is available for those with special dietary needs.

On special occasions, we also celebrate God’s promises to us in the sacrament of baptism and proclaim our commitment to God through public profession of faith.


We would greatly enjoy having you join us for Sunday worship. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.