Boston Square Church

A passionate community
experiencing spiritual transformation
for building the kingdom of God

A Community of Believers

We have a traditional set of beliefs that can call us to some radical actions. Jesus expects us to believe in him, but to follow him too.

We believe:

These guidelines summarize what the Bible says. We sometimes argue about the specifics, but we agree on the basics: the One who created the stars and galaxies knows us and cares about us. In response, God expects us act.

Belief is more than what we think. Jesus commends his followers for what they do as well as what they believe: "If you love me, you will keep my commandments."

Love can be a tough assignment:

    • I was hungry and you fed me

    • I was a stranger and you took me in

    • I was naked and you clothed me

    • I was in prison and you visited me

"Go into all the world," Jesus says. There is a lot to be done.

Part of Our Neighborhood

Boston Square Church is a modest congregation that meets in a traditional looking building on Kalamazoo Ave. near Burton St. on the southeast side of Grand Rapids. The church building was built in 1952, but the church itself started earlier than that. In 1942 a group of Christians started meeting in a storefront on Kalamazoo Ave. in the Boston Square Business District.

The congregation grew quickly and laid the foundation for the building a few blocks to the south. For a while they met in the basement, in what was known as a "basement church," but soon the congregation was able to build above ground and meet in the current sanctuary.

The neighborhood has changed and so has Boston Square Church. But we are still part of our neighborhood. We hold regular community dinners year-round, and during the summer we picnic with our neighbors.

Many of the members of Boston Square live within walking distance (1 mile) of the church building, though we are probably a bit more inclined to drive than previous generations. We value friendliness, generosity, and helping each other out, which is pretty characteristic of the Boston Square neighborhood.

Part of a Denomination

Boston Square Church is part of the Christian Reformed Church. As denominations go it is fairly small with a reputation for generosity and active ministry.

As members of the Christian Reformed Church, we are able to participate in global ministries that have a broad effect in this world. We pool our resources with other congregations to send missionaries, church planters, and campus ministry workers throughout the world through a denominational ministry called Resonate Global Mission. And together we support a relief organization called World Renew that responds to disasters around the world and helps fight poverty, disease, and injustice.